October 15, 2013

How to track browser paint events

Last week I was visiting Fronteers 2013 conference in beautiful Tuschinsky cinema in Amsterdam. At the conference, Paul Lewis had a presentation on browser rendering performance. He showed a slide which contained an animation that showed how a browser calculates and paints the screen. Some people on twitter were wonderin how this animation was created. It appeared to be a modified Firefox build. The visualization of paint events cought my interest and I was curious if it was possible to catch Chrome paint events and animate them myself.


September 17, 2013

Using the web as a resource

Cleaning up some old stuff I came across a nice and simple example of how to use the internet as a resource for something artistic. When I’m teaching, I always pay attention to the possibilities of using the web as much more than just a Yellow Pages platform where you, as an artist, can show off your work with a portfolio. Just like a lot of Arduino addicts use sensoric data to visualize or moderate a Processing.org sketch or a different piece of hardware, one can use stuff from the internet as a means for a visual end.