February 15, 2015

There's more

I’ve got this domain name already eleven years. Quite some different layouts have been here. Also, a lot of different content has been shown. Most of the smaller projects I’ve put online are located in sub folders of this root and are not referenced anymore. I had the idea to make a roundup, a cleanup and a blog post about some of them. Checkout out for example my Leetifyer!


December 01, 2014

Do Rewrite Yourself

I decided, in advance of If Hemingway Wrote Javascript, to start rewriting parts of my own code. I was delighted to see the variaty of implementations of algorithms within the book. Wether it is a good or bad part of JavaScript that anything can be written in different ways, why then settle with the first result of my own coding? Why not give it another take?


November 16, 2014


It was not a big surprise to read that Angus Croll is from the UK. Since he’s an employee of Twitter, my first guess was he’d be an American, but after reading a couple of chapters in ‘If Hemingway wrote JavaScript’, I found that hard to believe, since his vocabulary is more similar to the lists of words I had to learn in high school, than to what you regularly hear on Dutch television of US sitcoms.


October 14, 2014

fronteers14 part 2

In my rondup of day one of Fronteers Conference 2014 I tried to touch most speakers at least briefly. For day two I want to do the same. As said, Fronteers 2014 is a well organised conference and one of high quality: speakers from Twitter, Google and Etsy are part of the line up. In addition to that it is held in a beautiful venue and a good lunch is served!