Bullet Journal tips pt. 2 - Four tips

Written by Vincent Bruijn

A small collection of 4 tips in this post that I found very handy when using my Bullet Journal.

A yearly calendar is very usefull. It takes quite some time to write it down in your Bullet Journal, but it pays off: if you don’t have your phone laying around, and want to look up some date in the future, you can fall back to your BuJo.

I also have a small ruler in the back flap of my notebook. The limited decorations I allow myself to add to my Bullet Journal should at least be drawn proper and straight. I started our with a plastic ruler which was relatively thick. It does the job but broke due to pressure on my notebook while carrying it in my bag.

I now switched to a metal ruler, which is way thinner, but my current pen does not slide very smoothly along its side… I want to stick to that ruler so I might reconsider the pen. Not optimal yet, but I can assure you: a ruler is a need.

On that same back flap, I add 1 or 2 paper clips: one at the top, one at the bottom. Very easy to fixate inportant information: stamps, tax letters you have to process, etc. I use the big paper clips, which stay in place too.

I only detach the pen from the cap

I also buy a pen loop for each new BuJo. I stick to Leuchtturm’s pen loops because they fit best. But I use it differently from hoe it is supposed to be used.

The pen cap of my pen is positioned within the pen loops elastic band, and I only detach the pen from the cap when I need to write something down: the cap remains permanently within the pen loop. I do this mostly because Leuchtturm’s pen loop is a bit too tight for the pen I use, and another pro is that I never loose my pen cap!