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Written by Vincent Bruijn

I’ve got this domain name already eleven years. Quite some different layouts have been here. Also, a lot of different content has been shown. Most of the smaller projects I’ve put online are located in sub folders of this root and are not referenced anymore. I had the idea to make a roundup, a cleanup and a blog post about some of them. Checkout out for example my Leetifyer!

But there’s definitely more than that. Let me show you a list with some things here.


Yet another word API is a simple word API you’ll have to register for. It uses the ‘old’ GNU ispell library.

Early sketch showing splashes

This simple HTML page is one of my early endeavours in front-end stuff. I haven’t looked at the code ever since I created it, so I have no opinion about it, except that I probably would do it differently nowadays.

Half automatic tweet bot

This Tweet bot needs some human intervention: a click on a button. This action triggers the posting of a new tweet. The code behind it uses a Markov chain as from Hay Kranen and uses a lot of snippets of “Artist statements” from the internet.

Leet translator

The Leet translator modifies your input text into leetspeak.

c/\N  yO|_|  |~3A|>2  |)I$??

Binary clock in ProcessingJS

In my early efforts in Processing, I created a lot of clocks. One of them is a binary clock. Some time ago I’ve transpored it into ProcessingJS because I like JavaScript more and because it is more platform independent.


I really love Modernism. A lot of Modernist art is very well transformable to code. That’s what I tried with these sketches. Originally they were written in Processing, but again, I ported them to ProcessingJS to make them Java-independent.

Mondrianizer 1


I have recreated AutoAlbers into a pure JavaScript version which resides on It refreshes every 8 seconds. Scientists have measured the average time a viewer stand in front of a painting, which was betwee 8 and 15 seconds. The internet is a fast medium. I decided to refresh every 8 seconds.

Mondrianizer 2

The second Modrianizer animates an old Piet Mondriaan painting, done in ProcessingJS.