Bullet Journal tips pt. 3 - When did I last...

Written by Vincent Bruijn

I’ve been browsing Pinterest and Instagram on Bullet Journal tips and trics quite often. I’ve adopted some Collection ideas and started tracking some daily and weekly topics. One of the best ideas that I only started recently is a “When did I last…”.

First I thought: what would you use that for? But, I found certain topics and events that fit well on that page. The basic idea is to take a subject, say “hairdresser” and write each date you visit the hairdresser behind the topic:

Hairdresser: 12-1, 21-3, 30-5

It comes in very handy with events that happen not too often and hence take too much time to look up in you Logs. I use it for “hairdresser”, also for my son, “carwash”, “chimney sweep”, “coffee machine descaling”. In my next Bullet Journal, I will move this page to the beginning, somewhere after the Future Log or ICE-page.

I don’t plan certain events that strict

You could say: why not plan your visit to the hairdresser 6 or 8 weeks immediately after your last visit? You will then automatically see when your next visit will happen in your Future Log, and you just know it was say 6 weeks ago you went there.

But, I don’t plan these kind of events that strict: at some point I notice the car is dirty, and I’m wondering when did I last wash it? Do I consider it time to wash it? Do I have the time to go to the carwash? Do I fancy going? Does it mind if I wait another week?