Bullet Journal tips pt. 6 - My Weekly Log

Written by Vincent Bruijn

Contrary to what Ryder Carroll describes in his book, I’m an big fan of a weekly dashboard. I keep track of several habits and activities on a weekly basis, and I want to have that easy overview of them.

Each week we try to go out once for all groceries for the upcoming week. Usually I start with creating a meal plan in my Bullet Journal. We discuss together what we would like to eat for dinner that week and decide, based up on what’s in the fridge and cabinets, what we need to buy at the supermarket. The shopping list lives in our phones: we share and update a Note. But the meal plan resides in the Bullet Journal.

During the week, I want to track what I eat for lunch and dinner. This way I can analyze how often we have meat for dinner, and afterwards it is a source of inspiration when setting up the meal plan.

The last columns of the tables in the week planner are reserved for weathet and habit tracking. Altogether this dashboard gives an easy overview of the current week.