Bullet Journal tips pt. 4 - Future Log and ICE page

Written by Vincent Bruijn

I’m in my 3rd Bullet Journal notebook currently. Together the three Leuchtturm1917 books cover about 20 months at the time of writing. The first two cover about 7 months each. I think, partly due to Covid-19, the third journal will cover a few months more. This means that each one contains less than a year of my life. In comes the need of a proper Future Log.

I use my Future Log very much like Ryder Carroll describes it in his book, with the exception that I use more space per month: on a spread, I draw 2 lines to make 3 rows. Each row covers a month, in order to cover a quarter of a year on that spread. I write Future Log entries on both pages of the spread, from top to bottom, left to right. So one month in the Future Log has two columns: one on the left page, one in the right.

For the Future Log, I use more space per month

I also add a Future Log page for the next year, at the end of the “regular” Future Log. This is handy for if you want to address yearly subscriptions for example, which you might want to reconsider around the next due date.

After the Future Log I add an ICE-page, In Case of Emergency, containing contact information of close relatives: names, phone numbers, addresses; who to contact when I’m in trouble. I have no allergies, as far as I know, but I would like to extend that page with information about my blood type, would I have known it. I also add information about organ donor consent on that page. I add this page to the Index too, of course.

Even though I have my phone configured to contain this information, I think it is important to have it on paper too: my phone might have run out of power.