Bullet Journal tips pt. 5 - Another four tips

Written by Vincent Bruijn

Four short tips in this post which could make also your use of the Bullet Journal method easier!

First is that I draw a rectangle around each date: each date in your Rapid Logs or more lengthy Notes will have that rectangle. This makes them more explicit and easy to find.

Secondly, same counts for page references within Rapid Logs: they get an oval drawn around them and always start with “P.”.

draw an oval around pages number references

Thirdly, what I started using only after a holiday to the United States a year ago is to underline the subject of a paragraph. During that holiday, I wrote a daily journal of our activities. Those days of our vacation did not contain as many actionable entries as usual working days; the pages covering these Logs are way more verbose, and it is harder to find what this long piece of text is about.

To speed up the recalling of the topic, I decided a maximum of 1 underlinement per paragraph, and no more than say 2 to 3 words. Going through your Bullet Journal, you can scan the text and get a basic understanding in a split second of what a paragraph is about.

Last, fourth, tip is that I cut off the upper corners of the first pages of the notebook until the Index, in order to make it very easy to open up your Index. You use your thumb to press that corner and throw the cover to the left, et voila: there’s your Index! This even saves you a ribbon, which you can then use for other purposes.